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james m gronowski is now a member of Bluto Builders, Inc.
Mar 15, 2014


Our mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every home we build.

Bluto Builders specialize in "on your lot" builds. 

We would be happy to walk your lot with you to plan your dream home.  Whether it's a 3 story basement home on the side of a mountain, a ranch in the middle of a field or anything in between, Bluto Builders has built it.

Don't have a lot?  No worries.  We'll work with you to find your next backyard. 

Don't have a plan that you love?  We'll create one if it doesn't exist.

Let us put our 28+ years of experience to work for you.  Please give us a call to set an appointment and start your dream today!


Bluto Builders, Inc.



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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

1.  Start cheap and work your way up to the more expensive items as your budget allows.


2.  Your Home's Exterior - First impressions on the exterior of your home are important and usually more labor intensive than costly.

  • repair anything on the exterior of your home that is loose, broken, or rotten
  • get your grass (or weeds) green
  • neatly manicure your lawn (edge the sidewalk and drive way) and reseed bare spots
  • trim the bushes and trees
  • put fresh pine needles in the beds and around trees
  • have something blooming in the beds
  • put fresh paint on front porch rails and door if needed
  • replace or polish tarnished coach lights and door hardware
  • have shutters cleaned, painted, and/or replaced
  • get driveway and sidewalks pressure washed if needed
  • have exterior pressure washed and painted if necessary 

3. …


Posted by netceed on March 9, 2011 at 12:30pm

10 Ways To Beat Low Appraisals

Not satisfied with the appraised value of your new homes? Follow these practical steps for avoiding the dreaded low appraisal.

Every step in the process of selling a house has its…


Posted by netceed on February 16, 2011 at 9:00pm

Homeownership’s Future

Reports of the death of homeownership are greatly exaggerated. To read the headlines and hear the cable news, you would think that efforts to provide greater opportunities for homeownership were fiendish plots to ruin America. The pendulum of opinion appears to have swung well beyond simple correction for recent excesses.


Homeownership has been the housing choice for the majority of U.S. households since WWII. Home prices, sizes, locations, and types have changed but the quest to become a homeowner grew for 65 years. The share of households owning their own homes rose to almost 70 percent by 2004. That rate has fallen backward in the last several years. This article presents four observations countering the drum beat of negativism against homeownership.

Homeownership remains a priority. The recent housing market interruption has had many causes and explanations, and some long-term trends have changed since WWII. But, the demand for…


Posted by netceed on February 15, 2011 at 3:18pm






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